Oldest PFD found is nearly 3000 years old!

Ancient PFD

No one knows exactly when the first personal flotation device was created. Found at the British Museum is an ancient gypsum panel discovered by archeologist. Dating all the way back to 860 BC,it’s roughly 3,000 years old. In ancient sculpted artwork you can see soldiers from Assyria crossing a river while holding onto inflated animal skins to stay afloat. These inflated skins are the first PFDs that we have artistic evidence of.

Over time PFDs have evolved in many ways. From corkboard, animals skins filled with air to the more modern styrofoam or other petroleum based products. Due to the amount of foam type materials required to keep one afloat, these more modern solutions are often bulky, uncomfortable and a site for sore eyes. Because often boaters and water sports enthusiast crave mobility and don’t like they way they look or feel, they simply don’t wear them. This is a huge problem. Thousands of deaths could be avoided if people were more inclined to wear their PFD or lifejacket.

Lifeshirt has offered a genuine solution to this ongoing and persistent problem in water safety. With our revolutionary design, boasting lightweight, durable and machine washable materials, our shirt offers full mobility and is not big and bulky like other PFDs or lifejackets. As of today lifejackets are the go to for most PFD needs and water safety around the world. With our patented technology and stylish approach to water safety and PFDs, we make wearing a PFD as comfortable as wearing a T-shirt. This changes everything!

Now water enthusiasts of all kinds can have the freedom of mobility while still looking stylish. Offering up to 50 SPF and an aimed 70 ISO level our PFD is an instant hit for any fish out of sea! We offer both adult and kid sizes and kids just love them! Keeping kids safe is the whole reason our owner even founded this company and with Lifeshirt you too can have the peace of mind knowing your kids are safe and won’t be itching to take off their PFD the first second you aren’t looking. Instead these cool shirts are stylish and unique making kids like them that much more. Almost like a fashion all on its own.

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